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Update by user Jun 20, 2017

This "doctor" changes the name of his procedure periodically so that he can hide his negative reviews. It has been called "The Horndeski Method", the "Ultimate Breast Lift" and now "The Bellesoma Method".

Original review posted by user Jun 16, 2017

This doctor butchered me!I am needing my 4th reconstructive surgery to correct the botched Ultimate Breast Lift garbage he touts as his proprietary method.

RUN! My nipples are too high, my horizontal scars cut across my ***, they are pointed, weird angled, dog-eared and flat! He did one revision in office without anesthesia that sent me into shock, I had another revision by a reputable surgeon that helped a lot but didn't fix it all the way so I'm having to have a crease reconstruction, surgical mesh placed during my 4th procedure to see if we can stop these stargazer nipples from popping out of every bra and top I have. He ruined my life.

He does not care about you as a patient at all. I am going to have to spend $40k in total to fix what he charged me $13k for! Do yourself a favor and REALLY INVESTIGATE him before considering. Review sites like Realself.com take down every negative review I've written, including those of 12 more ladies - and these are just the ones I'm aware of.

Why? Because he pays for adverting through them and they do everything they can to bury his negative press. He has renamed this procedure so many times, an effort to avoid the negative reviews being found on the internet! Run a court background and case search to find his malpractice suits, run a search at the Texas Medical Board to find the multiple disciplinary actions he has undergone, including referral for psychiatric evaluation.

Ask him which hospitals he has lost privileges at.

Find out why there is no neutral third party peer review publications touting his "method".Dig deep because he has made it where you have to, but make sure you are VERY CLEAR about how bad an outcome you could receive, then make sure you are able to handle the permanent disfigurement and the 40k+ in funds it will take to get you looking anything close to human again before you meet with him.

Review about: The Bellesoma Method Breat Lift Procedure.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $13900.


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Disgusting what kind of person let alone doctor can do this? How can Dr. Horndeski sleep at night after bothering so many.


Dr.Horndeski is a quack and a butcher who has been banned from hospitals, disciplined by colleagues and countless malpractice lawsuits brought against him .

Dr.Gary Horndeski and his assistant, Elisa Gonzalez, who is JUST as guilty as Dr.Horndeski [she tries to blame u, the patient,and pathetically btw, by saying any bad outcome or complication is your fault].

Questions and concerns about ur complications resulting from Dr.Horndeski are never answered and Elisa Gonzalez simply avoids and deflects the fact you are butchered by trying to convince you its your fault, or your bad healing -according to her.

What a joke!

I hope he pays her well for what she does as a complete sellout to other women and the medical field


Thank you so much for posting this.I have been keeping tabs on this surgeon for years.

I knew someone would come out and tell the truth.I will not be seeing him and thanks for saving my life.


Dear poster,

What a brave thing to post your experiences and photos.After reading your review, I hope you are able to find resolve.

This doctor definitely needs to be sued until he no longer ruins other women's lives.

Karen from San Francisco


Thank you for sharing your horrible experience about Dr Gary Horndeski. I have a close friend who has gone through a similar difficult experience. Hopefully, this incompetent *** will lose his license to practice one day.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1355318

So sorry to hear and see these horrendous results from Dr. Horndeski. It is criminal what he does and I will take him off my list for potential breast lift doctor.


I just saw yours and the other reviews too late!

This is crazy how he buries his honest reviews on other sites.

Finally, the truth will come out!Thank you for being brave enough to post photos bc you might have saved many!

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