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Dr Gary Horndeski used to be an engineer who THINKS he is a gualified plastic surgeon. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Horndeski has destroyed so many others lives, including myself, that he should be removed entirely from the medical community. When you see the photos of my breast lift, you will be appalled. He needs to put up the knife forever and go back to sweeping floors. BEWARE ALL.....never set foot in Houston.....

Dr Gary M Horndeski has been touting scarless breastlifts on his website which is an out and out deceptive posting. Do the right thing and do your due diligence BEFORE you let him get within a mile of yourself with a scalpel.

Not only did Horndeski destroy my breats, he ruined them beyond any secondary revision. I am left badly scarred for the rest of my life.

Review about: The Bellesoma Method Plastic Surgery Doctor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: His pathetic and uncaring attitude and sheer incompetence.

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Three years ago I had a breast lift by this surgeon who I researched so thoroughly (I thought). I did not want the vertical scar nor was thinking I ever wanted implants that is the reason I considered this office.

Biggest regret I have, not only it set me back 12K (double the national average) but my breasts which were my asset are now flat pancakes that droop sideways in a triangular shape. He was abrupt, rough and very dismissive in this manners, I thought it's ok that's the engineer in him, what matters is the result... Well I was not happy with the result from the beginning and no amount of revision fixed anything. Revision took place in his office with a simple local anesthetic, the pain was unbearable the result useless if not worse.

I do not recommend Dr. Horndeski at all.


Sooo glad I found these reviews. I was very interested in this dr after the positive before and after photos and YouTube info on his method. Thank you all for posting your experience, I'm sorry for all your pain and hope he pays for all his negligence and malpractice

to Liz #1464340

Thanks Liz. Lucky lady.


when reading this I could feel the pain and hurt you put into the review. I can understand this because Horndeski and his assistant Elisa has ruined my life as well.I cannot express how proud I am that you are using your voice to speak out against him.

we all need to unite and speak out.

He should not be allowed to get near anyone with a knife and RealSelf shouldn't be able to stand as a website. Not fair to others who wanna know the truth.im so sorry we all had to go through this.(please contact me @ hills.audrey.hills@gmail.com )


This is criminal what he does. My thanks for the reviews and warnings against Dr. Horndeski.


That is one sick {{redacted}}


I just had my negative review of Dr.Horndeski's snake oil breast lift procedure removed from a very popular review site that he spends thousands of dollars advertising with and which they've named him "Top Doctor" - he needs to ask himself if paying to be a "top doctor" and unethically having negative reviews removed feeds that shallow ego of his or satiates that black soul.

How much money is he really willing to take from unsuspecting women after he butchers them? Since there seems to be no legal recourse because let's face it, the good ole boy medical system is reluctant to say he did anything "wrong" other than a "poor result" - we need to all go to the Better Business Bureau and make sure he has an F- grade. I can't in good conscious let other women suffer what I have simply because a few review sites take down the negative reviews and he has some internet troll working in a basement somewhere to hide them from SEO sweeps.


to Anonymous #1423452

Thank you for telling the truth about Dr.Gary Horndeski.

If you look close enough, there are other sites where Dr. Horndeski cannot pay off marketing SEO’s and SEM’s.

Check out ripoff report, complaintsboard, complaints dot com.There are places where the truth will be told and numbers outweigh his crooked payoffs.


Basically traumatizing!!!! Long story short he botched my ears during my otoplasty surgery.

Cut off so much cartilage that it took off piece of a very important part in the front that i used to have pierced (rook) my inside ear structure now looks deformed only leaving a small point of cartilage on my right ear and even smaller on the left. There's excess skin in my conchal now that he says will go but there's hard pieces of something inside the skin that feels like stitches. When i call and ask his PA and him at first told me they were normal then later after confronting them says it's what I wanted and they had to do that. They gave me no warning at all and if i had known i would have NEVER used him.

He has the worse bedside manner and hia PA seems friendly for sure but in the end just trying to justify the damage he does OR avoids and dodges questions. Not answering them directly. Now i have to spend thousands more fixing what he did.

This PS is NOT an artist and in my experience cares about the money and not his patients! Dig deeper on your research and read his bad reviews too.


Terrible, uncaring COLD person who actually had the ego to name(laughably) a breast lift procedure after himself called, 'The Horndeski method'. It's a method alright.

Dr. Horndeski9;s method leaves you with huge scars across your ***, dog ear flaps, stitches that don't stay in. The list goes on and Dr. Horndeski renamed it the bellesema method now.

Total BS. Don't be fooled by all the fake glowing reviews online for Dr.

Horndeski. He is a butcher who will *** you

Texas, United States #1352889


And it's not just Dr. Horndeski's breast lift disasters.

This 'doctor' ruins lives with predatory misleading promises of 'no scarring techniques' that are ANYTHING BUT! I have seen photos of his botched procedures from even supposedly simple procedures.

He ruins ***, ears, noses, lips, faces and the list goes on and on.

Dr. Horndeski is a joke of a 'doctor' but a dangerous one, since anyone who comes near his scalpel will live to regret ever hearing about his fake hype.

to Horndeski victim Texas, United States #1352890


Houston, Texas, United States #1352591

Dr. Horndeski is a joke.

He completely misrepresents his procedure as limited scar when it is clearly anything but. There are countless women who have been maimed as a result of his inept procedure, left with EXTENSIVE horizontal scarring and who have to spend money the don't have to fix the *** they are left with after he is done butchering them. Why do you think there are now doctors who specialize in reconstructing Horndeski's screw ups?

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. I wish I had.

I can't model lingerie or swimsuits anymore because of what he did to me! I'm looking at having to have laser scar removal combined with medical tattooing to fix the very long, very wide, very extensive horizontal scar under my ***. I'm tired of crying about this and now I'm going to do something about it.

I wish the medical board would go ahead and take his license. How many complaints does it take?

to Marilyn713 #1376898

Hi had the same procedure and I'm scarred for life too. Indon't know what to do.

I cry every day.

They say they will do a scar revision but I'm scared to let them touch me. Have you considered implants?

to Anonymous #1415453

I'm also a victim of Horndeski and Elisa Gonzalez.

(I got a mini lift and nose job)

I too cry everyday.

The day of my surgery they took out my tampon and put in a catheter without my permission (when I was unconscious) I got severe infections and terrible pains, etc. That still affect me a year later. If I knew that Dr.

Horndeski had disciplinary actions with the Texas Medical Board, loss if hospitable privileges, and numerous malpractice claims I would have never let him ruin my life. But at least we can save people with these reviews.

to Anonymous #1417458

Contact The Pinkerton law firm in Texas. He is getting sued left and right.

to Anonymous #1423090

The most horrific experience in my life! My breast were left disfigured & ive had to have MANY reconstructive surgeries.

You can never truly heal mentally from the trauma.

Please don't let him touch you. There are many of us, with a voice keep reading!

to Anonymous #1423239

Dr.Horndeski is a quack and a butcher who has been banned from hospitals, disciplined by colleagues and countless malpractice lawsuits brought against him .

Dr. Gary Horndeski and his assistant, Elisa Gonzalez, who is JUST as guilty as Dr.

Horndeski [she tries to blame u, the patient,and pathetically btw, by saying any bad outcome or complication is your fault]. Questions and concerns about ur complications resulting from Dr.

Horndeski are never answered and Elisa Gonzalez simply avoids and deflects the fact you are butchered by trying to convince you its your fault, or your bad healing -according to her.

What a joke!

I hope he pays her well for what she does as a complete sellout to other women and the medical field

to Anonymous #1424624

That is about the sickest thing I have ever heard. Is this guy some kind of *** too?

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