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Dr Gary Horndeski used to be an engineer who THINKS he is a gualified plastic surgeon.Nothing could be further from the truth.

Horndeski has destroyed so many others lives, including myself, that he should be removed entirely from the medical community. When you see the photos of my breast lift, you will be appalled. He needs to put up the knife forever and go back to sweeping floors. BEWARE ALL.....never set foot in Houston.....

Dr Gary M Horndeski has been touting scarless breastlifts on his website which is an out and out deceptive posting. Do the right thing and do your due diligence BEFORE you let him get within a mile of yourself with a scalpel.

Not only did Horndeski destroy my breats, he ruined them beyond any secondary revision.I am left badly scarred for the rest of my life.

Review about: The Bellesoma Method Plastic Surgery Doctor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: His pathetic and uncaring attitude and sheer incompetence.

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Horndeski victim
Texas, United States #1352889


And it's not just Dr.Horndeski's breast lift disasters.

This 'doctor' ruins lives with predatory misleading promises of 'no scarring techniques' that are ANYTHING BUT! I have seen photos of his botched procedures from even supposedly simple procedures.

He ruins ***, ears, noses, lips, faces and the list goes on and on.

Dr.Horndeski is a joke of a 'doctor' but a dangerous one, since anyone who comes near his scalpel will live to regret ever hearing about his fake hype.

Horndeski victim
to Horndeski victim Texas, United States #1352890


Houston, Texas, United States #1352591

Dr.Horndeski is a joke.

He completely misrepresents his procedure as limited scar when it is clearly anything but. There are countless women who have been maimed as a result of his inept procedure, left with EXTENSIVE horizontal scarring and who have to spend money the don't have to fix the *** they are left with after he is done butchering them. Why do you think there are now doctors who specialize in reconstructing Horndeski's screw ups?

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. I wish I had.

I can't model lingerie or swimsuits anymore because of what he did to me! I'm looking at having to have laser scar removal combined with medical tattooing to fix the very long, very wide, very extensive horizontal scar under my ***. I'm tired of crying about this and now I'm going to do something about it.

I wish the medical board would go ahead and take his license.How many complaints does it take?

Bellesoma Method Victim 0700
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1350473

Get a load of this....I knew from finding all the reviews that this "plastic surgeon" tries to hide (deceptive much) his negative results and that he had a lot of victims (of his The Horndeski Method/Ultimate Breast Lift/Bellasoma Method) who are now permanently disfigured, needing reconstructive surgeries and suffereing needlessly if only his advertising was accurate.Evidently, there have been so many victims that there are doctors who specializing in correcting his botched work and now there are law firms who have experience winning against him.

At what point does the Medical Board step in and stop the madness?


Dr Horndeski Ruined my Life
Houston, Texas, United States #1340849

It should be noted that Dr.Horndeski changes the name of his procedure periodically to avoid all of his negative reviews being found.

He has called it;

The Horndeski Method

The Ultimate Breast Lift


and now The Bellesoma Method No matter what you call it - it doesn't work, it is NOT scar-less, or even limited scar procedure.

It is a farce and it will leave you disfigured. I'm glad I found this site!

I'm tired of REALSELF.COM removing all negative reviews and allowing him to post his own fake reviews to bury the bad ones...Shame on them.

Houston, Texas, United States #1340844

I also am a victim of Dr.Horndeski's "Ultimate Breast Lift".

I am about to have to have my FOURTH reconstructive surgery after the botched job he did to me. I am left with horrible EXTENSIVE scarring and he advertises no visible scars! He should not have a medical license.

DO NOT BELIEVE ANY REVIEW YOU SEE ON REALSELF.COM they have taken down every review I have left, removed all the pictures and done this to 12 DIFFERENT WOMEN I HAVE SPOKEN WITH.

He is one of their top advertisers !!!You cannot get a good feel for a doctor when a site takes down the negative reviews!

Kdp 01
to Houston713 San Francisco, California, United States #1344494

I hope you sue.

This doctor has several pending lawsuits against him.There is a reason he has lost as we all know how difficult malpractice lawsuits are to win.

He is THAT bad.

A hospital banned him and many others have suffered.You're not alone!

London, England, United Kingdom #1331132

Dr. Horndeski tries to bury bad reviews but they are all over the place if you look.

Houston, Texas, United States #1330859

Thank God I found this site. was about to contact this Dr. but thank you for warnings!!!

Scarless claim is far from acc
Dallas, Georgia, United States #1330180

I found Dr Horndeski's Yelp review site.He boasts "no vertical scars".

That may be true since he only cut my wife horizontally for her breast lift. Now, those scars are enlarged, enflamed, highly visible and 6-7" in length. I really don't know who he has operated on successfully but any positive reviews had to be pure luck on his part. All the reviews that are not pushed back are virtually identical to ours.

No medical aftercare follow-up, infection and terrible scarring.

A shame Dr.Horndeski continues to brag about his scarless expertise when it simply is not an accurate statement.

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